The Shnobel Tone Buffer / Fuzz Interface is designed to interface your vintage and impedance sensitive fuzz pedals on your pedalboard. 


It features an intelligent loop to plug your fuzz pedal or pedals into and has a toggle switch to select the emulated cable length after the fuzz pedal, most fuzz face style circuits with the germanium transistor will be sensitive to how long the cable is after the fuzz, the longer the cable the more high frequencies are tapered, so the Buffer / Fuzz Interface has a cable length emulated circuit where you can choose the cable length after the fuzz loop to tailor the top end of the fuzz pedal based on your preference. 


When the pedal is off the input signal goes to a high quality class A buffer that preserves the rich harmonics of your guitar without any added harsh frequencies, the signal is then sent to the output , and when you press the foot switch the input signal is sent directly to the send of the fuzz loop without any buffers routing the direct signal from your guitar to your favorite germanium style fuzz pedal and after the fuzz pedal the return signal goes to the cable length emulated circuit where you can choose from 0ft to 10ft and 20ft of cable after the fuzz loop.

Buffer Input Impedance: 1 Mega Ohm
Buffer Output Impedance: 150 Ohms 
Power Requirements are Center Negative 9 - 18V 

Buffer / Fuzz Interface