Lifetime String for the Ernie Ball Volume Pedals.


***This is only the string. If you don't already have a tool, we highly recommend you order the kit as it makes replacing the string so much easier. if you would like to get a string replacement kit, you can find it in the store section***


Ships within 1-2 business days.


There are 3 different strings to choose from, below is a list of all the volume pedals and the correct string for it. 



- 6180 Ernie Ball VP Junior 250k Volume Pedal

- 6181 Ernie Ball VP Jumior 25k Volume Pedal 

- 6182 Ernie Ball MVP Active Volume Pedal 


Standard Volume Pedal 

- 6165 Ernie Ball Stereo Volume / Pan Pedal 

- 6166 Ernie Ball Volume Pedal 

- 6167 Ernie Ball 25k Stereo Volume Pedal 

- 6168 Ernie Ball Volume Pedal with switch 


40th Anniversary  

- 6110 Ernie Ball VPJR Mono 40th Anniversary Volume Pedal 



Lifetime Replacement String for Ernie Ball Volume Pedals