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The Ernie Ball VP JR with the Pro Volume + Tuner Mod is the world’s first volume pedal that features a built in tuner and buffer. Having independent inputs and outputs for the tuner and the volume section makes the Pro Volume + Tuner Mod a very flexible pedal to integrate into your guitar or bass set up, it features an upgraded premium volume pot and comes with the lifetime string that will never break on you. 


For $20 extra the pedal can also be fitted with a buffer on the volume section so both the tuner and volume sections will be buffered, please leave a note when you place the order and we will bill you the additional $20 for the buffer. 


Pedals sent in for mods have a 60 day warranty.  


To send your pedal(s) in to Shnobel Tone, please email us for the shipping address at shnobeltone@gmail.com



Pro Volume + Tuner Mod

Send in Pedals for Mod
  • We offer a 15 day full refund on new orders, customer must contact us within 15 days of receiving the product.

    No returns or refunds on products sent in for a mod.  

    Customer covers return shipping. 



  • USPS Priority 1-3 days in the US

    International 6-10 days